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Ruth Dahan

Ruth Duhan | Artist Citizen Atelier


Ruth Dahan is the founder of BYRUTH LLC, based in San Diego, California USA. She was born and raised in Lyon, France. Becoming a photographer was not originally in the cards for her. Although the “photographer genes” did not run in the family, she was always fascinated with art and had a great admiration towards artists.

Before pursuing photography, Ruth was a lawyer. She worked in the field in France for 17 years before moving to the United States in 2013. Moving to California completely changed her life in a positive way. A mother of two daughters, she decided to dedicate her entire self to her family during the move. She instinctively turned to photography during this process; using any camera she could find, to document the new life they were building in California. For Ruth, creating means existing. Photography has become crucial, almost vital. There is not a day without “making” pictures.

What started as a hobby quickly grew into a passion, transitioning from a simple smartphone camera to a digital one and as of late, an analog camera. Ruth finally decided to make the leap and definitively traded in her robe for the camera lens.

Today Ruth is a self-taught landscape, travel, and still life photographer experimenting with textures, contrasts, and colors to communicate different emotions to her audience. She continually seeks to explore rich and warm lightings, which have become her signature, to give her photographs their unique and profound character.

Looking back on the artist’s journey so far, Ruth is convinced that she has found the one thing she genuinely believes she was meant to do and feels grateful for her background, however unconventional.