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Meet Citizen Atelier

About Citizen Atelier - Our Story


Citizen Atelier is an online art gallery that brings together contemporary photography and works on paper from a range of international artists, both emerging and established. Named one of the top online art galleries by Elle Décor, and featured in publications such as Vogue, MyDomaine and Architectural Digest, Citizen Atelier was founded in 2014 with the vision to inspire with art and make the art buying process easier and more accessible.

The gallery offers a curated selection of exclusive handpicked open-edition and limited-edition works of art. Pieces from our collection hang in the homes of some of Hollywood’s biggest names, as well as luxury hotels and Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Our Story

Photo of Alessandra Salituri

An art dealer from the East Coast with a love of fresh peonies, gallery openings and interior design, had a vision of creating an online studio, or “atelier”, to showcase timeless art from around the world. The belief that art gives breath to a home and reflects what we love inspired this dream to take form.

What followed would be an adventure searching across some of the best international galleries, attending lovely vernissages and visiting charming pied-à-terres, all to find inspiring artists from all walks of life and curate a beautiful collection of art.

Each piece in the Atelier is carefully chosen and made only with the highest quality materials like cotton rag, museum quality photo paper and archival canvases. All are hand-finished to perfection, demonstrating that love is indeed in the details.

Take a peek into our world

The inspiration behind Citizen Atelier

Our Team

Founder + Creative Director

Alessandra Salituri

Alessandra Salituri is an art dealer and interior stylist who splits her time between Montreal and Los Angeles. Focused on the contemporary art scene, she has been working on corporate and residential projects across North America and Europe for the last 10 years. Alessandra is passionate about sourcing art with a romantic, bold and ethereal aesthetic. She has appeared as an art and decor expert on morning shows across the country and has been featured in Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Style At Home, MyDomaine and others. Alessandra loves city living, the occasional escape to the beach and the perfect cafe latte.

Technical Director

Gabriel McCay

Gabriel is the powerhouse behind Blue Lotus Creative, a digital agency founded in 2008 dedicated to helping forward thinking organizations succeed in their marketing efforts. With over 15 years of experience, he has worked with businesses of all sizes, including well known brands like Indochino, K-Swiss, Hitcase and value based certified B-Corporations like Persephone Brewing & soulpepper. His experience across the spectrum of digital marketing services brings incredible value and experience to any organizations that work with him. Originally born and raised in Vancouver, Gabriel now lives on the Sunshine Coast with his incredible little boy and spends his days exploring the amazing nature in our backyard.

Atelier Coordinator

Vanessa Recine

Born and raised in Montreal, Vanessa has been perpetually inspired by the vibrant arts and culture scene. She has developed a global outlook on fashion with nearly a decade of experience in visual merchandising, having worked for renowned companies such as Aldo, Topshop, American Apparel and Holt Renfrew Ogilvy. Staying true to her wanderlust nature, she moved to London to pursue her master’s degree in Fashion Curation at the London College of Fashion. As her background in museology continues to grow, the duality of her passions has allowed her to curate and consult in both fashion and fine-art contexts.

New Arrivals

Golden Eye Red Rose by Dina Broadhurst

Golden Eye Red Rose

From $928.87
Me, On The Lake (2020) by Amy Friend

Me, On The Lake (2020)

From $1,283.80
Coast and Pearls by Amy Friend

Coast and Pearls

From $679.66
Flowerhead III by Vanessa Paxton

Flowerhead III

From $675.88
Easy Rider by Dina Broadhurst

Easy Rider

From $1,331.37
Dance with me by Milica Tepavac

Dance with me

From $298.29
Forces of Grace by Antonio Mora

Forces of Grace

From $128.38
Logo Go Go by Dina Broadhurst

Logo Go Go

From $1,468.82
Love Connection by Dina Broadhurst

Love Connection

From $1,419.73
Clair de Lune by Rebeca Cygnus

Clair de Lune

From $105.72
Sweet by Milica Tepavac


From $471.98
There is Always Light by Amy Friend

There is Always Light

From $1,302.68
Golden Eye (White Rose) by Dina Broadhurst

Golden Eye (White Rose)

From $2,594.78
Disco Lies by Milica Tepavac

Disco Lies

From $298.29
The Dive by Yana Potter

The Dive

From $90.62
Supernatural by Dina Broadhurst


From $1,850.18
I Am Busy by Gray Malin

I Am Busy

From $252.98
Heaven not Earth by Magnus Gjoen

Heaven not Earth

From $373.81
Odi et Amo by Magnus Gjoen

Odi et Amo

From $392.69
Cappucino For Anyone by Yana Potter

Cappucino For Anyone

From $98.17
Bagged It (Prada Gold) by Dina Broadhurst

Bagged It (Prada Gold)

From $1,385.75
Lullaby by Dina Broadhurst


From $1,869.06
Desert Skin Abstract by Ruth Dahan

Desert Skin Abstract

From $169.91
Peaches & Cream by Dina Broadhurst

Peaches & Cream

From $909.99
Crush by Dina Broadhurst


From $909.99
En Las Nubes by Antonio Mora

En Las Nubes

From $128.38
Amazonia by Magnus Gjoen


From $2,076.73
Fru Fru by Dina Broadhurst

Fru Fru

From $2,378.80
The Dancer by Magnus Gjoen

The Dancer

From $2,190.01
The Weekend by Yana Potter

The Weekend

From $90.62
That Dog Won't Hunt II by Magnus Gjoen

That Dog Won't Hunt II

From $940.95
Broken Wings (White) by Dina Broadhurst

Broken Wings (White)

From $928.87
The Game by Yana Potter

The Game

From $90.62
Snow White by Francesco Formisano

Snow White

From $203.90
The Light by Ashley Woodson Bailey

The Light

From $75.52
Retro Car by Yana Potter

Retro Car

From $90.62
Butterfly by Dina Broadhurst


From $1,827.52
Pink Dahlias by Ashley Woodson Bailey

Pink Dahlias

From $75.52
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