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Rebeca Cygnus


Rebeca Carpintero, most commonly known as Rebeca Cygnus, is a fine art photographer based in Spain. She completed a diploma in photographic arts and continued her studies by undertaking a masters program in fine art photography at the EFTI school in Madrid. Her work has been exhibited at Photoespaña, the international festival of photography and visual arts at Galerie Cero. Rebeca also won the prestigious first place Florence Shanghai Prize 2013 for photography.

Her collection of self-portraits, which are all at once nostalgic, melancholic and feminine, examine the beauty of solitude. Captured in the dark hours, when the line between reality and fiction becomes finer, her photographs are surreal and magical. Blue is the unifying colour in Rebeca’s series, which helps accentuate her beautiful characters, who have underlying feelings of inner conflict. She uses visual poetry to explore these depths of human emotion, and ultimately, the relations between humans and the natural world.