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Krzysztof Wladyka


Krzysztof Wladyka was born in Olawa, Poland. A self-taught photographer, he discovered photography as an artistic medium in 2006 and quickly gained recognition among various curators and galleries worldwide.

Krzysztof’s works have been exhibited in Poland, the United States and Cambodia during the 2011 Angkor Photo Festival. His critically acclaimed series “Animalies” has won awards at photo competitions around the world, such as the International Photography Awards (IPA) in 2010. He was also chosen as “Best of the Show” in a New York City group exhibition.

Within his photographs are symbols and signs of nature, strange props and the fragments of living, mixed together in square frames; they are characterized by pure forms and impeccable composition. Krzysztof’s unique style is inspired by his experiences, thoughts, emotions and energy.