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Kerry Shaw


Kerry Shaw is a photo-based Visual Artist from Canada, currently living in Southern California.

With a conceptual approach, she absorbs remembrance into her daily practice with a focus on detailed and colorful aesthetics. Her work explores the ever-evolving, consequential, perpetual flow of nature and the elaborately beautiful. Her background in modern dance and traditional painting is evident in a highly choreographic approach to complicated elements. A ‘Digital knitting’ process of designing seamless illustrations are made up of often hundreds of images and layers, painted into an effortless composition.

In 2011, her family lost her brother Stuart at the young age of 23. This inspired a life-long devotion to creating epic imagery to meditate on and consolidate her loss as well as propel tributes to him into tangible visuals. Depicting the spirit of him and in turn, describing all of us within nature’s elements: we are everything, everywhere, all the time. Her translation of longing into allurement emerges as large-scale, often mystically-surreal, pigment prints.

Kerry’s work was first published in Magenta Foundation’s Carte Blanche, book of 200 of Canada’s best photographers in 2006 which launched her art practice. She has since been included in the perpetual publication of Flash Forward, celebrating the best emerging photographers from Canada, USA and UK.