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Kellie Lawler


With a passion for art stemming back to her youth, there's always been a strong creative force in Kellie's life. She developed her skills at her high school in Baltimore, Maryland, which provided an extensive elective art program; once at Brown University, she played Division I Lacrosse, and despite her intention to take art classes at the neighboring Rhode Island School of Design, her focus shifted to sports and her studies. She left Providence in 1999 with a BA in Psychology, eventually settling in Alabama with her family 7 years ago. As busy as she’s been over the years, adding four children into the mix along the way, something was always missing. Curiosity lead Kellie to dust off a decade's old art portfolio and revisit her passion. At that moment, she knew she was about to start a new chapter in her life.

Inspired by structured design, patterns and textiles mixed with Picasso-style boldness, Kellie developed a continuous line technique to create a graphic perspective on human figures, nature and other subjects. This process offers both the recklessness in creating a subject in one line with no worries about proportion, perfection, and controlled hard edge painting. Given the imperfect compositions, her paintings can be interpreted by viewers in many unique ways.