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Dariusz Klimczak


Dariusz Klimczak's surrealist photography is compelling and thought-provoking, offering a feast for the senses. His photo-manipulative works showcase exquisite elements of nature, be it landscapes and animals, often harmonizing with universal symbols or standard household objects like an alarm clock or hair comb. Though his photographs are predominantly black and white, Dariusz doesn’t shun colour and sometimes employs a natural palette of earthy tones, as well as reds, greens and blues.

As a noted photographer with over 30 years experience whose works have garnered attention worldwide, Klimczak’s impressive repertoire extends much further—he is also an independent journalist, painter, former chairman of the FOTOSIS association, and winner of the seventh edition of the reputed Aphoristic competition in Poland.

Currently based in Sieradz, Poland, he continues to conceptualize and create striking photography that stirs the senses and creates strong focal points in spaces.