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Danielle Cross


Danielle Cross is a Sydney based abstract visual artist with a repertoire that stretches from painting to photography. With an interior design education background from the Enmore Design Centre in Sydney, Danielle has had a love of design and art from a young age. Her work is a combination of abstract, digital and artistic elements that blurs the line between art and photography. Danielle uses a camera instead of a paintbrush to capture her works. Her first solo exhibition sold out, with many more to follow. She has collaborated with hotels in Australia, Bali and Hong Kong, and is currently working with top brands including La Prairie and Samsung Australia. Her collections are a thought provoking concept exploring connections, desire, passion, temptation and imagination. The ocean and water are key themes in her work, exploring the idea that what appears on the surface can be the total opposite of what lies underneath. Danielle views water as the ultimate contradiction and "our human smoke and mirrors;" a constant with strong grounding factors; full of shadows, movement, changes and reflections.