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Caroline Halley Des Fontaines


Caroline Halley Des Fontaines’ humanitarianism shines through her aesthetically composed, yet deeply powerful images. For years, the Parisian photographer has been lending her support to human rights, traveling the globe with the intention of uncovering a reality that is often overlooked. She journeyed to numerous countries in Africa and the Middle East, capturing profound moments in time that depict cultures in peril, illuminated by its resilient people who are withstanding inevitable deterioration. Des Fontaines’ black and white images show the faces of men, women and children from these vastly different cultures, encapsulating an element of humanity that unites us all. In 2008, she published these portraits in Time and Silence, which calls on society to look back on what has vanished on the journey to modernity.

Caroline has exhibited her photographic and video works all over the world, in major cities such as Paris, Berlin, New York and Los Angeles. She remains devoted to humanitarianism and continues to focus her work on global issues.