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Amanda Talley


Amanda Stone Talley was raised in Louisiana before leaving to earn a BA from Mary Baldwin College and an MFA from SCAD in painting. She returned to her hometown in 2000, settling in historic New Orleans where she continues to work from her studio gallery.

Taking many forms, whether drawing, painting, or creating light boxes, Amanda’s work is uniquely identifiable. Her process is all about about the movement and energy in the moment of painting; her style is abstract-expressionistic in nature, but figure and form frequently emerge from the reverberating compositions.

Mostly inspired by the vibrant culture of New Orleans, which is reflective in her use of colour and lines, each piece is completed in one session; Amanda’s main objective is to evoke the moment of that piece’s creation. This lends her work the liveliness that has captivated so many collectors. She continues to be one of the most sought after artists of her generation.