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Liana Carbone


The Retro Beauty series is a mixed media [photography + neon sign] soul art collection by Liana Carbone inspired by disco nostalgia and designed to invoke a state of meditative self-reflection. Through embodied emotion and illuminated intention, each piece holds space to open a portal into the soul.

A visual meditation - each piece floating off the wall with a clear plexiglass face-mount for a modern and reflective finish. A dimmable LED neon powered word activates the intention of each piece extending its aura into the space, adding a soft coloured glow and setting the tone for connection and reflection.

Photography in many ways serves as the artist’s healing practice, with each of her muses reflecting back to her many aspects of herself, the collective and our divine connection.

Liana is the founder of HAVEN creative studio in Montreal where she resides and creates with her husband and a vibrant creative community. Haven’s mission is to inspire and drive change in our awakening world through the creation of conscious media, gatherings and art experiences that bridge the gap between humanity, nature, art, spirituality and media.

Liana holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Concordia University. From a young age she has been fascinated by the visual language of modern mysticism, archetypes, fashion, beauty, nature and dance. She is a Mastered 2017 alumni, a global fashion photography mentorship program and creative community. Her work has been featured in PhotoVogue by Vogue Italia, Blanc Magazine The Face Mag and Lucy's Mag.